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Mark Alexander

President & Fund Manager

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Mark’s interest in Forex as an alternative investment started when he worked in banking. Fascinated by it, he devoted a ton of time to learn more and to see how he could get it to benefit himself. The result of that was Canadian Wealth Strategies, which he founded in 2013. With a strong backing of friends and family he launched the fund and has worked extremely hard to make it grow year over year.

By adding the right people, fund partners and clients alike, we’re proud to say that our fund is quite unique and not like anything else you may find on the market.


Travis Gibson

Vice President

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Residing in Fort Saskatchewan with his Wife, Daughter, and Son, Travis has an extensive business background.

With a strong background in competitive industries, and competitive sports growing up, Travis has seen his face share of different situations. On top of his role at CWS Capital, he also provides growth consultation to North American based businesses wanting to scale and achieve meaningful growth.

What was exciting to him about CWS was the vast potential to change people’s portfolio and achieve meaningful wealth creation for generations to come.


Jerry Floro

Lead Investment Analyst and Trading Manager


Dennis Mattern

Senior Quantitative Analyst


Nick Wakeham

Risk Management & Technical Analyst

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PhD in Economics from University of Bristol and 8 years forex trading experience


Paul Davis

Senior Data Analyst


Valerie Steffen

Quantitative Analyst

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B.Sc in Applied Science from University of Bern and 11 years forex trading experience


Beth Holmes

Executive Fund Partner

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Currently residing in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico and happily married with a love of all things travel! She enjoys running, meditating and being outdoors.

Prior to joining CWS, she spent the better part of a decade learning and navigating the foreign currency markets. This is what makes her so passionate about helping clients grow and diversify their portfolio, she understands our product and is excited to share it with others!

Beth holds a CPA designation from the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta and was awarded the Premiers Award for Service Excellence. She trained in Lean Six Sigma and Management Development at the University of Alberta.

Beth spent much of her career with the Government of Alberta including Alberta Energy, Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs and Alberta Pensions Services. She led various teams and projects during her career, most recently the implementation of Lean Six Sigma as Director of Operations at Alberta Pensions Services.

She is a listener, interested in hearing about each client’s previous investment experiences. Beth engages clients in a conversation about their long-term investment goals to determine if CWS is a good fit for their portfolio.


Thomas Schupp

Fund Partner & Development Director

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Originally from Oakville, Ontario., Thomas spent his early years and a lot of his adult life competing and coaching the sport of golf at the national and professional levels.  Now residing in Calgary, Alberta, he left the golf business in 2016 and since then he’s been investing, trading and consulting in the investment world, mostly that of blockchain and crypto currency.

He joined CWS in the fall of 2020 because we have a great product, in his opinion.  Our investment team kicks butt, we are client oriented, and our fund is free of any stock market exposure. He feels that the very bedrock which supports our financial world is shifting beneath our feet and at CWS we are dynamic and forward thinking to handle whatever comes our way.


Rhonda Gibson

Fund Partner

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Born and Raised in Saskatchewan, Rhonda and her husband moved to Alberta over 32 years ago, and currently reside in Ardrossan. She has had a keen interest in Real Estate and investing, and has been in Customer Relations for over 25 years.

Rhonda volunteers her time with Connecting Streams Ministry doing Prison Ministry and is also the Billet Coordinator for the Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL), on top of being a billet herself. Providing a safe and welcoming home (and plenty of food!) for these young athletes is a significant commitment, but one that Rhonda and her family are happy to take on to help future community leaders.

“Being with CWS is a great way to help families save for their futures.  Giving people more options when it comes to investing their money.  I personally invest with CWS and believe in the company and what they are doing”


Rob Curle

Fund Partner

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Born & Raised in Saskatchewan, Rob currently resides in Edmonton with his wife and two boys. They spend a lot of time skiing/snowboarding, and since they love Weimaraner you can often find them at the dog park.

After graduating from the University of Lethbridge, Rob made a career in the energy industry all the way from drilling rigs to corporate head offices in North America and Europe. Throughout this time he has been a stock market investor, and in 2016 he became a retail Forex trader. At the time Rob felt that someone should start an institutional FX trading company to do the trading for people who may not have the time or skill required to be successful. Not only was he excited to find CWS – they also happened to be based right in downtown Edmonton. Rob really enjoys speaking to clients about the incredible financial gains that forex can provide year upon year.


Vance Slade

Fund Partner

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Vance currently resides in Fort Saskatchewan with his wife and 5 children. Recently they are empty nesters, so of course they got a puppy, which is now their hobby.

Vance has 5 years of experience as an investor and 1 year as a Fund Partner with CWS. He also has extensive experience in the health and medical field. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University as well as coursework in finance and economics from Athabasca University.

Vance works with CWS because of the integrity and honesty they bring when it comes to investing. A lot of companies are only interested in their bottom line and not yours. This is where CWS is different. He believes in this company so much that he is an investor first and a partner second; however, he would do this for free because the upside potential of the investment itself.


Allan Belous

Fund Partner

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Currently residing in Edmonton, AB, Allan has a diverse and extensive background in a multitude of industries. From IT, to Photography, and now Finance he has never been shy about trying something new.

After a lot of success, Allan felt he should be more interested in the investment world and so started learning and investing in a variety of different methods to increase his portfolio. Forex has been one of the better ways that he has created more wealth in his personal plan.


Daniel J. Klop

Fund Partner

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Dan was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, working the family dairy farm until he graduated from high school. He immediately began training at UFV to become a paramedic and fulfilled that dream at the young age of 20. Within 10 years, Dan was looking for new challenges, so he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, working in different communities throughout Alberta and BC, retiring with nearly 30 years of service combined.

With a vast experience in real estate investing (flips and rentals), Dan became a Realtor™ and is licensed to represent clients in BC.

In 2022, Dan joined the team at CWS as a fund partner. Having previously trained in and successfully increasing his own portfolio in currency trading, Dan was looking for more options for clients in a declining real estate market. Following a lengthy vetting period, Dan quickly observed that both management and the fund partners at CWS treated existing and potential clients with high integrity and transparency, which aligned perfectly with his values. The risk management on trades is exceptional, and with zero exposure to the stock market, it makes an excellent addition to your portfolio.

With a lifetime of experience working with people and leading teams to achieve a common goal, Dan brings a competitive edge for each client. His goal is to provide an unparalleled level of service to all his clients by working together tirelessly to create and implement the right strategy to grow your portfolio. This could be for family planning, retirement income, or simply diversifying as you increase your net worth.

Trustworthy, dedicated, and focused, Dan prides himself on building lifelong friendships with his clients and pushing everyone in his life to be their most fulfilled selves.https://www.linkedin.com/in/danieljklop/


Marko Jokanovic

Synergy Partner

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Marko was born and raised in South Europe where he acquired his diploma in fields of Strategic management and Business management. While working in several Central European countries he gained most of his experience in asset management and Insurance industry.

This practice continued in central part of Asia, before coming to Canada in 2013.

In order to expend his knowledge and expertise his practice continued as a Financial Advisor and Analyst with a keen interest in long term investment and retirements plans. His background is based on managing retirement portfolios, life insurance plans and assets management.

Marko’s clients range goes from small start-up owners to executives working in multinational firms looking to grow their portfolio and ease professional careers into retirement. He enjoys reading and learning about Economy, History and Philosophy.

Interests and hobbies: Martial arts, free diving, and mountain biking.

As an investor first and foremost, CWS is a company that I’ve never knew was missing from my portfolio until I found them. Very friendly and down to earth staff that provides a very transparent process with returns equalling or exceeding their 15 to 30% yearly targets. Best part is that CWS operates on a Pay for Performance model, which means if there is no results then there is no fees for the investor.

On the flip side as someone who works at CWS we have built a company that we can be proud of, with a staff equally as impressive. Our “why” really is the client and we cannot stress this enough. There is no high pressure sales, tactics, or anything that would make the client feel uncomfortable. We set out to deliver our targets and ensure that our clients are happy at all times, and not just because of our high returns but because of our entire process from start to finish.