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The initial thesis of the fund started from the observation that the United States has been the dominant military and economic force in the world since the post WW2 era and the US Dollar is the international reserve currency or ‘safe haven’ currency through which trade is conducted around the world.  We sought to build out a model that would assist in identifying opportunities in the currency market that could identify short term discrepancies in price.


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Updated on January 31st, 2023

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Investment Performance - Premiere FX Fund - 2014-2021

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We can’t predict the future

Discretionary money management is both art and science. We combine our extensive experience and judgement, alongside complex investment algorithms and formulas to give you the best of both. It takes years of patience, analyzing wins and losses, and constant adjustment to an ever-changing market. No two days are the same.

We cannot guarantee results, but we strive to hit our yearly goals for our clients – no matter what the world may throw at us (i.e Debt crisis, COVID, market bubbles, etc.). We’ll do our best to adjust with those goals, and you, in mind!

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