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CWS Capital

Who are we?

CWS Capital is a 100% Canadian owned and operated FX Investment Fund with clients across Canada and the world. We were established in 2013 as a small private fund and have since grown in size, both clients and assets under management.

Our team is based primarily in Canada although we do have some international members, namely in Singapore.

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What do we do?

We only offer a FX investment solution at this time. We have a trading team of over 55 years of specific FX investment experience. We have an eight-year documented investing record managing public funds in the FX market and have consistently achieved strong double digit returns each year with very manageable risk.

We exist as a diversification option to our clients portfolio. We do not give any financial advice, nor train people to trade Forex. We do not offer guaranteed investments, only targeted goals that we may exceed, achieve, or fail to achieve in any given year.

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Why should you talk with us?

The overwhelming majority of our clients came to us without a FX product in their portfolio. All of them also came from an underperforming (less than 12% a year) investment.

We exist as a diversification option, not an all-encompassing solution. This is why you should talk with us, to find out if there is a part of your portfolio that can be preforming better and to be better protected for the future with asset diversification.

What are the risks?

All investments have risks, regardless of past results.

In the event of any losses on the initial investment value, we suspend trading after a 15% loss. We require written confirmation to continue trading beyond this point. In our 9-year history we have never had to suspend trading at any point.

What is our Investment Approach?

Our approach to FX Investing is based on a combination of the fundamental and technical indicators. Our investment strategy is continually evolving based on the latest intelligence and market indicators.

These processes are used to target and identify investment opportunities in the FX Market. This investment selection process is tested and continually fine-tuned to consistently identify profitable investment opportunities for our clients.


Is CWS Capital Regulated?

All investment funds are regulated to protect investors like you. CWS Capital is no exception. We are registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in each province across Canada and operate under the regulations of each provincial security commission.

What is an Exempt Market Dealer?

An Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) is a firm licensed in one or more provinces to distribute investment securities from private issuers. Private issuers are exempt from the prospectus requirement based on the rules and regulations of each province and the EMD must be licensed in each province in which it wishes to sell such private investment securities. These investments are often referred to as “private capital investments” because they are not publicly traded.

Only registered Exempt Market Dealer firms can legally sell these types of investments because EMDs are regulated by various standards to ensure they understand their investments and clients. EMDs must maintain appropriate knowledge and proficiencies in their field of expertise. Most importantly, EMDs are required to treat their clients “fairly, honestly and in good faith.”

Disclaimer: CWS Capital is an EMD that is not open to the general public, and as such is not publicly listed on various mediums. Qualification factors apply to become a client.

What are the Benefits investing with an EMD like CWS Capital?

EMDs provide investors access to private investment opportunities in various sectors including real estate, oil and gas, and alternative assets – including foreign currency investments, which is our specialty.

The job of the EMD is to seek out investments using a rigorous due diligence process. This ensures the investor’s (our client’s) interests are always the priority. Once an investment is determined to be suitable, the EMD educates and guides the investor through the process of investing in the opportunity, ensuring a seamless process.

As an EMD, our job is to locate investment opportunities in the foreign currency exchange market for our clients. This ensures our investor’s interests are prioritized while enabling investors to maintain a passive role in the process.

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