Your Post-COVID-19 Recovery Depends on this ONE THING

Nurses in scrubs, sitting on stairs

Extreme Stress, Severe Anxiety, Hopeless Depression – Everyone of us has experienced these feelings at one point or another in our lives. COVID-19 is yet another example of an event that is completely out of our control causing yet untold consequences and it’s the mental toll from this thing that is likely to be the worst.

Whether it’s minor annoyances such as waiting in a long line outside the grocery store or finding the perfect product online and then finding out the delivery time will be several weeks. Many are dealing with more life altering pain such as losing a job, or the terrible loss of a loved one, friend or colleague. Sometimes life hits you and it feels like the only thing you can do is cry ‘Uncle!’.

The world we live in will never be the same, that is for certain. Just like the post 9-11 world, the post-COVID-19 world will leave scars that cannot be erased and pain that cannot be undone. Terrible, unspeakable things have happened, the question is: What will be your response?

Will you be part of the solution or wallow in the pain. Will you make a change or stay where you are?


Let’s start with an honest assessment of your investments: Are you happy with where you are at in life? Do you have what you desire? Would you like to have a better life?

Money isn’t everything, it is a measure of stored energy – the sum value of your time and effort. How are your investments doing – are you getting the kind of returns that will allow you to have the life you want?

The good news is Forex investment allows you to take back control of your future. With your investments back on track, imagine the relief of knowing your future is secure. Imagine getting back to focusing on what is most important.

Our focus here at CWS is to be part of the solution, to offer people a way forward. So whether you’ve lost a great deal during this time and want to get back on track or if you’ve not had a plan to date and are ready to get one, now is the time for action. In a study, the Harvard Business Review found that those who have goals are 10x more likely to succeed that those who do not. (

Stocks are very difficult to pick, some advisors may talk about potential opportunities with the market being down and in particular oil stocks with the price of oil being so low, but there are a lot of things that can go terribly wrong with this approach. Number one, how to do know if the company is going to be good and solid coming out of this, that they’re not just going to take the company into bankruptcy or timing the market. You could buy in at the wrong time, the price could go down and then can you wait it out for an unknown time period and hope things will improve?

What we love about forex is it takes a macroeconomic or ‘big picture’ outlook. You see in forex you can make money in any market – bull or bear. It doesn’t matter if the economy here is up or down, or what the price of oil is. In forex, it’s all compared to what. If one economy is struggling, others will benefit.

In this most recent COVID-19 economic crisis, the US Dollar has been the biggest beneficiary as investors have fled to the perceived security the world’s reserve currency. Currencies like the UK Pound and Canadian dollars have been heavily sold off against the US Dollar. In the past 3 months alone the Canadian dollar has dropped over 5% vs the US Dollar (at one point it was down over 10%), leveraged 10 times, that’s a 50% return. Now because we put security of our investors’ capital as our number one priority we are going for singles and doubles and not home runs. If you take too much risk, like trying to pick stocks, you can easily lose your entire investment. One thing is certain: forex offers great investment potential.

It’s because forex investment allows you to get back on track and secure your future even if you’ve made mistakes in the past, even if you don’t have a lot of money right now, and YES even if you are unsure about the future.

How is this possible you may ask? Contact us to learn more, qualifications factors may apply.


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