How to Make Money in a Bear Market

Bear growling

After a staggering 11 year bull run, the stock market has finally come crashing down. Not since the financial crisis of 2008 have we seen a panic like this.

Since Feb. 19, 2020 the benchmark stock index for US business, the S&P 500, has sunk from a high of 3,393 to a low of just 2,734 on March 9. This represents a stunning drop of 19.4% in just three weeks. ( and over 4 trillion dollars down the drain!

So let’s get to the pressing question on every investor’s mind: unless you own a toilet paper manufacturing company, how can you possibly make money in this bear market?

Forex chart

Above: The USD gained 8.04% against the CAD from Feb. 21 – March 20, 2020

Our solution: Forex. At CWS Capital, while the stock market has been tanking and panic selling, we’ve been hard at work making gains. During the past month, the US Dollar made significants gains against the Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, and Singapore Dollar. As a result, we’ve made our clients a tidy 8.9% return during this time of panic.

Many more opportunities stand in front of us, why not reach out to us today? Qualification factors may apply.

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