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5 Benefits of the Foreign Exchange Market Over the Stock Market

Foreign exchange trading has evolved tremendously in recent years. What started as a way for people to gain foreign currency to travel has morphed into its own investment strategy. Like stock traders, foreign exchange traders invest to capitalize on profitable opportunities. These gains are made via the fluctuating currency values between countries. Today, the foreign exchange market is the world’s most significant and continues to…

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Foreign Exchange Funds: What are They and Should you Invest in Them?

Foreign exchange funds have earned quite a reputation in recent years. The foreign exchange market moves roughly $7 trillion in daily operations and is regarded as one of the world’s most liquid markets....

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Foreign Exchange Investment Funds: Review and Advantages

Foreign exchange investment funds have drastically risen in popularity due to the prominence of currency trading. The foreign exchange market moves $6 trillion daily. As a result, it is labelled as one of...

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Happy Holidays From CWS Capital

Happy holidays from all of us here at CWS Capital. With the holidays in effect and 2022 coming to an end, we want to thank you. Your investments are important. And the fact...

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What Canadians Need to Know About Foreign Currency Investing

Canadian investors are often more inclined to invest overly in their local market than in currency investing. This propensity is referred to as “local bias.” It entails that rather than expanding with an...

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3 Foreign Currency Risks You Need to Know About

So you’ve discovered foreign currency investing. Your interest is piqued, and you’re curious to learn more about this potentially lucrative investing alternative. When investing, it’s essential to always know your down-side-risk. This notion...

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5 Ways You Can Invest in Foreign Currency

Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) is a 24-hour-a-day market that trades world currencies. For some, it's just a means of exchanging one currency for another. International enterprises that drive business globally depend on these...

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5 Reasons You Should Work With Exempt Market Dealers

EMDs, or Exempt Market Dealers, are firms registered under provincial legislation in one or more Canadian jurisdictions. From private issuers, these firms distribute investment securities. Based on the laws and rules of a...

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investment diversification
6 Investment Diversification Options for Any Income or Age

Money is a hard worker – it doesn’t get tired or sick. It will keep growing as long as you allow it to. Your money will work for you nonstop with the right...

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How Portfolio Diversification Protects Your Assets and Investments

While researching trading and investing, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term Diversification. Maybe you were already familiar with the concept, or maybe it confused you like all the other industry jargon. Regardless, portfolio...

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