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Who are we?

CWS Capital – Canadian Born.

Since 2013, CWS Capital has operated and served mainly Canadians that wanted to do more for their portfolio. We are proudly engrained in the local community through our clients and team members.

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Message from Our Founder & Fund Manager


“CWS Capital began in 2013 and has continued to operate and grow because of a very simple philosophy – we deliver results for our clients with transparency and integrity. We are registered with the Better Business Bureau with accredited status to show our commitment to trust and integrity in our business conduct.

Better Business Bureau certification is not to be misunderstood or implied as having any bearing on the acceptability or status of our investment structure.”

Mark Alexander, BComm.
President and Founder

“Most people are aware of the foreign exchange (forex) market at some level. If you have exchanged money into another currency traveling or purchased goods and services from abroad for business or personal use, you have participated the retail side of the world’s largest investment market – forex.

While most people have participated in the forex market, the vast majority do not understand the investment potential and how to incorporate forex into their portfolios. And although the forex market presents its own unique set of risks, the market potential is difficult to ignore for a growth-orientated investor with a medium to long-range time horizon. Our team here at CWS Capital has made it our mission to profit from what we feel are the extraordinary opportunities that exist regularly in the fluctuations of currency pairs in the forex market.

With over 55+ years of combined forex investment experience, our team works tirelessly every day to identify profitable investment opportunities our clients can trust. Our number one philosophy, made famous by the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, is Don’t Lose Money. That really frames everything we do; we take a conservative risk-averse approach to investment while maintaining aggressive profit targets. Our clients’ best interests and long-term success are at the heart of everything we do.”

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What do we do?

Learn about our Forex Investment Fund History. Open and Transparent Results.

We’re open and honest regarding our track record and historical performance.

We have high targeted expectations every year and deliver them with full transparency. If you would like to see more, please speak with us today.

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Benefits of Forex Investing:

Comparison against the Stock Market…

Investing in the Stock Market or in other traditional ways may not be right for everyone. Find out what separates us and see why others like yourself value a different path.

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Largest and most accessible market in the world

The Forex Market is the largest trading market in the world, with daily trading volume currently exceeding 5 Trillion Dollars (In comparison, there is only $25 billion of daily volume on the New York Stock Exchange – NYSE).

Currencies move independent of the stock market

The stock market booms or crashes, the currency market will not be effected. It means there are Always profitable opportunities in the currency market, as currencies move relative to each other – meaning if one currency goes down, another must move up.

Feel secure with our solid track record

Relatively small movements in currency pairs can translate into large returns as compared to stocks. A movement in a currency pair of just 2% can translate into a profit of several thousand dollars.

Currencies are backed by Governments and their central banks

When you buy currency pairs you are literally buying money, a store of value and carrying the full backing of the nation it belongs to. All of the top traded currency pairs are G20 economies: US, UK, European Union, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada.

Over 80% of transactions are related to a US currency pair

The US Dollar remains the world’s dominant currency – US remains the world’s largest economy. The US Dollar remains the primary international reserve currency – US Dollars are the medium of exchange for many major cross border transactions.

Why are we Different?

Get to know our team.

Our forex investment team members make up the core of who we are and why we exist. From a wide range of backgrounds, locations, and skill sets – these are the people that make us great.

Our team

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"A wonderful place to work..."

A wonderful place to work, we have a good group here for analysis. How great to be a part of a sharp group!